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AGED Hairy
AGED Inactive
AGED 500 years old? Thats very old!
AGED Made do without a man when old
AGED Ready to get drunk, perhaps
AGED Got more mature
AGED Mature
AGED Girlish
AGED No spring chicken
AGED Like high-quality wine or cheese
AGED Like good cheese
AGED Like Gruyere cheese, for 5-12 months
AGED Like some beef
AGED Dry-___ (like some steak)
AGED Jarvis Cocker's "Help the ___"
AGED Like relics
AGED Turns up, Degas is not finished with the elderly
AGED Increased one's candle count
AGED See 16
AGED Ending for school or middle
AGED Like some good cabernet sauvignon
AGED See 12
AGED Venerable
AGED 34 ___ flavor (stale flavor from excessive storage)
AGED Ancient penned "Leader's done a bunk"
AGED Ripened with time
AGED Ripened
AGED Old were furious when right's lost
AGED Elderly: how elderly?
AGED Nolonger young
AGED ___ 50 and over (eligible for AARP)
AGED Ripened / mellowed
AGED Mellowed
AGED Returned from the bodega with a type of wine
AGED Stored for improvement, as cheddar
AGED Very old section of mortgage document
AGED Elderly French painter almost held up
AGED Matured like cheese
AGED Matured
AGED Elderly but managed without a valet
AGED Improved by time, as wine
AGED Approached retirement
AGED How old Annie gets ever-diminishing starts
AGED Worn by exposure to the weather
AGED Matured sage Derby shows it
AGED Lived day after day
AGED In one's final years
AGED Way past one's prime
AGED Degas didn't complete his retrospective, being old
AGED Elderly or old
AGED Like much Scotch
AGED Old man greedy, taking every other bit
AGED It is as old as a pike can be
AGED Improved like wine
AGED Ready for decanting
AGED Unlike moonshine, as whiskeys go
AGED Old group of four notes
AGED Like fine beef or wine
AGED The elderly
AGED Advanced in years after finishing off embrace
AGED Improved over time like fine wine
AGED Old French artist not quite coming round
AGED Ancient part in Armageddon
AGED Part of package deal for mature wine, perhaps
AGED Agreed again to evacuate the old
AGED Become ripe
AGED Got on in life
AGED Over the hill
AGED How old French artist wasn't quite taken up
AGED Improved in a cask
AGED Mellow, as brandy
AGED Mellow
AGED Yellowed or grayed, perhaps
AGED Like much good steak
AGED Like a good steak
AGED Old from the year 500!
AGED Getting on in prison without cocaine
AGED Getting on in years
AGED Cellared, as Sauvignon
AGED Young people aren't in marriage difficulties
AGED Getting on, earning money, but losing something on top
AGED Old silver will finish if there's no nitrogen
AGED Rage definitely gets old
AGED Old as one was, got older
AGED Old set of keys
AGED Some of the stage directions were well worn
AGED Pretty old
AGED With many birthdays
AGED Like all Scotch
AGED Like all Scotch whisky
AGED Got 15-
AGED Having lived long / old
AGED Old artist mostly upset
AGED Get on in stage design
AGED Like the best wines
AGED Sausage dog, somewhat past it
AGED Piled on the years
AGED Got older in Armageddon
AGED Became ripe over time
AGED Like all Scotch whiskey

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