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ACRE Battlefield account written by a sapper
ACRE Imperial measure about to go up and down
ACRE Measure that requires unusual care
ACRE Area of land that is almost sacred
ACRE Size of a field for a medley race?
ACRE Some land up in proper care
ACRE Academic figure sides with one of those farming types
ACRE Israel's Bay of ___
ACRE Port in northwest Israel
ACRE Middle East port
ACRE Some land held up in Upper Caledonia
ACRE Israeli port city
ACRE Plough-jogger cannily holds back his good day's work?
ACRE Four thousand eight hundred and forty square yards
ACRE 4047 square meters
ACRE A small credit note on which little can be raised
ACRE Zoning unit measure, sometimes
ACRE Area measure - Israeli port - Brazilian state
ACRE "God's Little ___" (Erskine Caldwell best seller)
ACRE "God's Little ___" (Caldwell novel)
ACRE Sides with action figure in plot
ACRE 43, 560 square feet
ACRE Portion of the Ponderosa
ACRE Expert covering right amount of land
ACRE Rural area
ACRE A lot of land, either way you look at it
ACRE Unit of land that a site such as Emmerdale village's Butlers Farm is measured in
ACRE .4 hectares, roughly
ACRE Pack boot of car in service area
ACRE One to grow on
ACRE One to grow on?
ACRE This acer is equal to 4,840sq yd or 43,560sq ft!
ACRE Farmland parcel
ACRE Development unit, perhaps
ACRE Erskine Caldwell's God had a little one
ACRE It covers some ground
ACRE An area to care about?
ACRE Unit constant in most of what it measures
ACRE Piece of some plots
ACRE An area of land
ACRE Orchard measure
ACRE Middle Eastern port city, besieged by Crusaders from 1189 to 1191
ACRE God's _, (burial ground)
ACRE It might be a lot or a plot
ACRE A bit of fruit lacking round division of farm?
ACRE It's made up of square rods
ACRE One holding right to area of land
ACRE "God's Little ___"
ACRE Crusader's city
ACRE Measure of land on a farm
ACRE One of 109 in Vatican City
ACRE One of 108 composing Vatican City
ACRE About 1% of the Vatican
ACRE Division of a subdivision
ACRE A lot of plot
ACRE Part of a plot, perhaps
ACRE It may be part of the plot
ACRE Smallish field
ACRE Decent plot
ACRE Five Hundred - Wood; part of Ashdown Forest in East Sussex that inspired A. A. Milne
ACRE Brill located around river area
ACRE River splits top-class area of land
ACRE Camera crew covered some ground
ACRE Maybe it's all a plot?
ACRE Brazilian boundary river
ACRE Brazil-Bolivia border river
ACRE Unit of land area currently costing an average of 7,340 in the UK
ACRE Port given some mercantile backing
ACRE It may be divided into rows
ACRE A little of a large lot?
ACRE Unit of measurement equal to 4840 square yards
ACRE "The Cold ___" Augie March
ACRE 6,272,640 square inches
ACRE Measurement of a golf course's size
ACRE Nearly 5,000 square yards
ACRE Time to go north around cold area
ACRE Large suburban lot
ACRE Wheat or rye
ACRE City NE of Haifa
ACRE 40,468,564 28/125 square centimeters
ACRE Subdivision of a subdivision
ACRE Care about port
ACRE Lot or plot part
ACRE Dancer set apart from odd characters in area
ACRE Part of major plots
ACRE Unit of measuring land, 4840 square yards
ACRE Wise to get this measure of a smart Alec
ACRE Area of an Israeli city
ACRE Area of land in the Israeli port city?
ACRE Area of Israeli city
ACRE A lot, at times
ACRE A measure of port
ACRE Mideast port
ACRE Imperial area in Middle East port
ACRE Some land in Israel at this port
ACRE Land division
ACRE Piece of land, maybe

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