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ACER The maple and sycamore genus
ACER 'Sumi-Nagashi', 'Osakazuki' and 'Bloodgood' are all cultivars of this decorative tree and shrub genus
ACER King leaves Bilk in tree
ACER A-1 tennis server
ACER Care to remove the tree
ACER Roger Federer, at times
ACER Tree Cheshire cat partially climbs
ACER Genus of trees to which the maple belongs
ACER One who might slip one past you
ACER Genus of trees and shrubs including maples and the European sycamore
ACER One who gives great service?
ACER Tree hugger rejecting Western contributions
ACER "Explore Beyond Limits" computer company
ACER One maker of laptops
ACER TravelMate PC maker
ACER Aspire computer maker
ACER Lenovo alternative
ACER 'Sumi-Nagashi', 'Osakazuki' and 'Bloodgood' are all varieties of this
ACER Box-elder genus
ACER A tree that is part of a tea ceremony
ACER Maker of Predator laptops
ACER Genus of Canada's national tree
ACER Great server on the court
ACER Pete Sampras, sometimes
ACER Tennis player's favorite PC brand?
ACER Whiz on the tennis court
ACER Genus of the tree or shrub with a leaf depicted on the Canadian flag
ACER Type genus of the Aceraceae.
ACER One serving well
ACER Maple genus that includes the box elder
ACER One rare sycamore perhaps
ACER Laptop brand
ACER Veriton PC maker
ACER Dell rival
ACER Dell alternative
ACER Recalled recreation ground with a maple tree
ACER Hard to hit server
ACER Gang somewhere in Cheshire finishing early
ACER Tree, one with canopy of red?
ACER Taiwan-based laptop giant
ACER Sharp, spirited, eg L Sulla ... pugnax et ____ et non rudis imperator, Cicero, Pro Mur. 32
ACER The maple genus
ACER Excellent tennis server
ACER Canadian maple, scientifically
ACER Hardware brand
ACER Server getting few returns?
ACER Competitor of Dell and HP
ACER One right under tree
ACER Scorer on serves
ACER Global PC vendor
ACER Competitive runner trimmed top off maple
ACER Genus that includes sycamore and maple
ACER Producer of Aspire computers
ACER Successful server
ACER Taiwan-based electronics giant
ACER Maker of the Iconia series of tablets
ACER Magnificent server
ACER Sort of tree one's found by river
ACER One delivering big service tree
ACER Maker of PCS
ACER Multinational electronics company
ACER Maple or related tree
ACER Genus of trees commonly known as maple
ACER Care about a tree
ACER One who has a quick point to make?
ACER Computer and tablet maker
ACER Big name in computers
ACER Care for a tree
ACER Cheshire cat's content climbing tree
ACER Big server in tennis
ACER John Isner, a record 113 times, in a 2010 Wimbledon match
ACER I can't return this river shrub
ACER Whiz at tennis serves
ACER Top cards in tree
ACER Over river, fine service tree
ACER The expert takes a right on Maple
ACER Big name in desktop computers
ACER One scoring on a serve
ACER One demonstrating excellent service?
ACER One with a powerful serve, at times
ACER One who does really good service
ACER Maple genus (or one who cruises through a test?)
ACER Agassi, often
ACER Care about this tree
ACER Ornamental tree
ACER One rook in a tree
ACER HP rival
ACER Race round large plant
ACER Genus of trees that includes the sycamore
ACER Something arborists care about?
ACER Tree, one found by the river
ACER A bit of space reserved for the maple tree
ACER Race around tree
ACER Really strong server
ACER Laptop brand that sounds like a top tennis player
ACER Big maker of computers
ACER Top driver heads right for tree
ACER The maples
ACER Court whiz

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