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ABIT Kinda sorta
ABIT Cockney's custom? To an extent
ABIT Partially
ABIT More than not at all
ABIT Nuns' clothing is non-starter for some
ABIT "I really don't mind ___"
ABIT In just ___ ___; very soon
ABIT Even parts of Bambi have it to some extent
ABIT Fairly
ABIT - - of a Do; comedy series with David Jason and Gwen Taylor based on books by Reginald Perrin creator David Nobbs
ABIT Short time interval
ABIT Worth-mentioning degree
ABIT Just some
ABIT Small amount
ABIT Fiesta with band and conga in a fuss about nothing!
ABIT Slightly
ABIT Slightly
ABIT Not much
ABIT In the least
ABIT Party area? Too bad if nuts around
ABIT Smidgen
ABIT Sort of
ABIT Not _ ___ (Not in any way)
ABIT "That's ___ much"
ABIT At all
ABIT Rather
ABIT Moderately
ABIT Somewhat
ABIT To some degree
ABIT Not much
ABIT Wait ___
ABIT Wait ___
ABIT "This won't hurt __!"
ABIT Just a tad
ABIT "It won't hurt ___"
ABIT He goes away a small distance
ABIT "Isn't that ___ much?": 2 wds.
ABIT Just noticeably
ABIT "Isn't that ___ much?"
ABIT Hardly any
ABIT Sailor gets it to some extent
ABIT Not much at all
ABIT "This won't hurt ___!": 2 wds.
ABIT "You haven't changed ___!": 2 wds.
ABIT In ___ (soon)
ABIT "Isn't that ___ much?": 2 wds.
ABIT Slightly: 2 wds.
ABIT Only very slightly: 2 wds.
ABIT ''This won't hurt __!''
ABIT Minimally
ABIT Very slightly
ABIT "You're laying it on ___ thick": 2 wds.
ABIT Wait-___ (thorny plant)
ABIT "This won't hurt ___"
ABIT Only slightly
ABIT "I'll be there in ___"
ABIT Imprecise measure: 2 wds.
ABIT "This won't hurt ___!" ("You'll hardly feel a thing!"): 2 wds.
ABIT Not that much
ABIT Just ___ (not much): 2 wds.
ABIT "This won't hurt ___!" (2 wds.)
ABIT Not too much
ABIT Tiny portion: 2 wds.

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